Beauty & Wellness Sector Skill Council
India Skills - Hair Dressing
India Skills - Hair Dressing
Beauty & Wellness Sector Skill Council
India Skills - Beauty Therapy
India Skills
India Skills 2021 Regional Competition - E & NE (Beauty Therapy)
India Skills 2021 Regional Competition - E & NE (Hair Dressing)


B&WSSC is not for profit organization promoted by CII with financial support from NSDC, under the aegis of Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship.

The aim is to establish an effective and efficient eco-system for development and imparting of skills in Beauty and Wellness industry including content & curriculum, courses, information databases, delivery systems, standardization of the accreditation and certification process to enhance employability of the Indian workforce globally.

Council is chaired by Dr. Blossom Kochhar along with industry icons like Ms. Gurpreet Seble as the Council Members. Since inception, it has grown exponentially making its presence in 29 States & 7 UTs, for training and certifying over 7 lakhs youth by helping them employable /self-employable, with a certificate in Beauty and Wellness, recognised by the Government of India.


Our Vision

Together, may we give our youth and women the skilling roots to grow & career wings to fly


Our Mission

To enable the Youth & Women of our country to earn a respectable livelihood & to become gig entrepreneurs

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