National Occupational Standards

A Qualification Pack (QP) contains a set of competencies and skills, along with educational qualification, training & experience to perform a job role. A Qualification Pack is assigned a unique code. For example, The Qualification Pack code of Assistant Beauty Therapist is BWS/Q0101.

NSQC* cleared job roles are the National Standards for a specific sub-sector of a sector, available on the National Qualification Register (NQR). QRC* cleared job roles are in the process of becoming the National Standards.

For all state and Central-run schemes, only NSQC cleared job roles (Up to NSQF* Level 4) can be selected and targets allocated on them, as mandated by Ministry of Skill Development & Entrepreneurship (MSDE) & National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC).

Beauty & Salon Sub-sector
Integrated Services
Skincare Services:
Hair Dressing Styling Services:
Nailcare Services:
Makeup Services
Aesthetic Skin Services
Invasive Cosmetology
Alternate Therapy and Rejuvenation Sub-sector:
Spa Services
Neurotherapy Services
Personal Services Sub-sector
Fitness Sub-sector:
Beauty & Wellness Products Training, Sales & Consultancy Services
Yoga Sub-sector:
Yoga Services